Friday, December 30, 2011

Review: The Best of Friends - Susan Mallery

Author -  Susan Mallery
Category - Fiction
Genre - Contemporary Romance
Rating – 1/5

Story Blurb
Jayne is best friends with Rebecca Worden, so when Jayne Scott lost her mother when she was in high school and was taken in who are extremely wealthy. Rebecca and her mother Elizabeth are bitter enemies, due to which Rebecca runs away from home at 18. Rebecca has stayed away from home for whole 10 years due to her differences with her mother but Jayne and Rebecca has remained close over the years. Jayne unable to refuse Wordens anything after they took her in their household when her mother died, finds herself at Elizabeth’s beck and call working as her unpaid assistant.
After 10 long years Rebecca has returned home and still resents her mother. Jayne is happy to see her friend back but knows that Rebecca’s return will not be welcomed by Elizabeth. Adding more complexity to this web is David, Elizabeth’s son whom she adores. Jayne had a long standing crush on David since she was in her teens and is afraid of the proximity with David when he also returns home after jet-hopping for so many years finally ready to settle down. David starts spending time with Jayne and likes her. David and Jayne’s relationship shatters the illusions that Jayne had about her relationship with Elizabeth and Rebecca finally forcing her to see the truth. Jayne must decide where her loyalty to Worden ends and her life and love begins.

My Thoughts
Frankly I did not like this story. Other than Jayne and David’s relationship the whole novel was depressing and too negative. Elizabeth and Rebecca Worden’s character were too similar – selfish, unthoughtful and taking others in their life for granted. For me it was too much negativity going in the novel for me to thoroughly enjoy it. Elizabeth is so selfish who does not love her husband or her daughter whom she considers a mistake. 

The only other person she adores except herself is her son David but also tries to micromanage his life to the extent of inviting single girls who she thing are eligible to be her daughter-in-law and trying to push David to choose his partner from the choices she laid out. Rebecca though in the starting appears selfish but you try to credit her nature to the way her mother resents her and has not accepted her. But Rebecca is loved and supported by her father, her brother David and her best friend Jayne. So when you see her sulking because Jayne has decided to move to a new state and new job one feels angry at Rebecca for being selfish and non-supportive towards her best friend. When in the end she selfishly tries to break apart Jayne and David because she fears she will lose her brother and best friend you just think about one thing, apple does not fall far from tree. Once I kept the book down I was relieved it ended.

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